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Linking Cultures of Frisco is a Frisco, TX based non-profit organization with the express focus of connecting the members of our community in an awareness and appreciation of our racial and ethnic backgrounds which make us unique and strong.  Linking Cultures of Frisco seeks to create a cultural collaboration that compels the members of our community to work together for the common goal of “unity in the community”.  Linking Cultures of Frisco will sponsor several community-based initiatives throughout the year that focus on cultural awareness and unity.  The most notable annual event that will be sponsored by Linking Cultures of Frisco is the annual Dr. MLK celebration and scholarship contest.  This event celebrates Dr King’s Dream of unity across the races and ethnicities as well as empowering our youth to live out the tenants of his dream.



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In 2010, Pastor Dono Pelham and wife Angelia Pelham, founders of Linking Cultures of Frisco, had the vision to commence a community celebration of the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., in a city where no such celebration had occurred in over a century of existence.

The annual event launched on Martin Luther King Day,  January 17, 2011. The purpose is to not only honor Dr. King’s legacy, but to fulfill Linking Cultures of Frisco's mandate to thrust our youth towards their destiny.

Linking Cultures of Frisco seeks to unify the community through this event and encourages students from all backgrounds to participate.  It is the intent that the event pulls us all together and reminds us that there are no dividing walls.

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